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Etoile is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Etoile+ and Etoile++ with the Phantom Gear+ and Phantom Gear++ respectively.


An Etoile Knife's handle is a red ring, black inside, attached to the blade by a small, off-white fleur de lis. The blade is a ring like the handle, albeit larger and sporting a black inner edge and an off-white outer one. It has three spikes, one on each side and a third, longer one on the top of the blade. The tips of each of these spikes are red, and there is a yellow diamond placed in the middle of the blade.


The Etoile Knives give Larxene complex combos with a relatively short range. For the ground combo, Larxene thrusts herself forward while also performing a small upward swipe. The second attack is a small, complete-circle spin with her Knives. For the third attack, Larxene hops slightly into the air, and then spins vertically with her Knives in a circle. Larxene then ends the ground combo with two strikes close to the ground.

The aerial combo is composed of just one attack; Larxene rolls with her Knives in midair, then does a small slash downward. Pressing a second time during this attack adds about one more roll to this attack before the end.

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