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Sora using Magic Launcher.

Element Form is an ability introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Element Form is accessible when Sora wields the Shooting Star or Ever After Keyblades.


When in Element Form, Sora's clothes becomes dark blue with star patterns on his pants.


Element Form's weapons are magic-based, focusing on unleashing ranged and/or magical attacks. Due to its color scheme and gameplay, the Formchange bears a strong resemblance to Wisdom Form. Its abilities while in this Formchange are mostly magic-based as a result, including Magic Combo Thrift, Magic Galvaniser, Leaf Bracer, Magic Treasure Magnet and MP Hastega.

Ability Description
High Jump Leap high into the air. The longer you hold Circle, the higher the jump.
Doubleflight Press Circle while in midair to jump a second time.
Combo Master Continue combos even if your attacks miss the enemy.
Leaf Bracer Always finish casting recovery magic, even if you are hit by attacks in the process.
Magic Combo Thrift Reduce MP cost by 1 with each successive magic cast.
Magic Galvanizer Increase the damage you deal with magic in proportion to the length of your combo. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Magic Treasure Magnet Automatically draw in and collect prizes from enemies defeated with magic, no matter how far away they are.
MP Hastega Recharge MP 30% faster when you run out. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.

Combos & Finishes

Shooting Star

Double Arrowguns

Sora's Shooting Star Keyblade splits and becomes a pair of auto-fire Bowguns that shoot arrows of light. While in this form, Sora's is capable of attacking with long-ranged multi-targeting shots, with his combo finisher firing many larger shots. He automatically fires a burst of shots when dodging. Sora may also enter a Auto-Shot state (named "Shooter Mode" in the Japanese version), where the camera changes to an over-the-shoulder view and shots can be properly aimed and rapid-fired not unlike a Shotlock. If Auto-Shot is activated in the air, Sora's descent will be slowed to allow him better accuracy.

Magic Launcher

When Sora has filled the Situation Command meter a second time after Double Arrowguns have been activated, the arrowguns can transform into a bazooka-like weapon called "Magic Launcher". While in this stage, Sora swings the bazooka with slow, heavy attacks when at close range, and will fire large, single shots with strong homing capabilities when at a distance. His melee combo finisher has the bazooka send targets upward and away with a non-projectile blast. While in Shooter Mode, he fires explosive shots one at a time. Once the meter is filled again, Sora can perform a Finish Command which launches the tip of the launcher forward, before triggering an explosion that rains down arrows of light on impact. This form's unique Shotlock is Cluster Cannonade, where Sora charges the Magic Launcher before fire a large projectile that then splits into a multitude of smaller projectiles, all with powerful homing capabilities.

Double Arrowguns
Ability Description
Sliding Shot Tilt and press Square to fire a blast of projectiles as you evade in that direction. Only works while in combat.
Burst Shot Fire a volley of simultaneous projectiles. (Combo finisher)
Auto-Shot Hold R2 to continually fire projectiles.
Multilock Lock on to multiple targets at once.
Magic Launcher
Ability Description
Rising Blast Knock enemies away and then blast them with a projectile. (Combo finisher)
Final Impact Fire a projectile that results in a wide blast.
Charged Shot Hold R2 to charge up energy and release it as a projectile.
Backslide Hold Square to slide backward and evade attacks.

Ever After

Mirage Staff

Mirage Staff Combo.

The Ever After Keyblade transforms into a long staff. While in this form, Sora glides along the ground twirling the staff, further solidifying the resemblance to Wisdom Form. When attacking, Sora unleashes Surge-like close-ranged light spells, finishing combos with a powerful beam that he can turn to aim. Sora's Dodge Roll also changes to a Quick Run-like slide that leaves behind light clones of himself, up to four. The next time Sora Attacks after a clone is created, he fires projectiles at his target while all clones concentrate fire on the target as well. As a Finish Command attack, Sora stabs the staff into the ground, causing a tall tower to rise. Raising the weapon up alongside two light clones, Sora then generates a Trinity Limit-esque orb of light that fires lasers down on enemies below in random patterns, as well as lasers that circles around. This form's unique Shotlock is Spectral Rays, which has Sora use the Mirage Staff to generate a number of crystals around him that bounce laser projectiles between each other, rapidly-damaging not just targets, but any enemies in a radius.

Ability Description
Golden Rays Blast enemies with a crisscross of magical light. (Combo finisher)
Revolving Rays Fire blasts of magical light as you turn. (Combo finisher)
Avatar Shift Tilt and press Square to create a double as you evade in that direction. Only works in combat.
Avatar Barrage Strike at foes along with the doubles you have created with Avatar Shift.

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