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The Element Cluster is an Unversed found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

These have much in common to the Triple Wrecker in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Each separate totem-like figure specifies in a certain type of Magic.


The topmost one is a cylindrical figure with two diamond-shaped "arms" which arch from a deep indigo to a slight orchid color. The "head" appears to be a roughly circular and blue diamond with a black face and red eyes that curve down. The top and bottom of the Unversed are the same orchid color with light blue markings.

The middle totem-structure takes the same cylindrical shape, but has two black, curved wings connected to the sides. A khaki colored plate seems to be the face, and its two red eyes curved sharply upward. The rest of its body, top and bottom are a deep red along with purple markings. A small horn of the same color shoots out the top.

The bottom one retains the cylindrical shape but has two indigo "arms" that are jagged. A black, cadet colored plate distinguishes its face, and its red eyes curve downward. The plate is a sharp, upside down triangle. The rest of its body is golden yellow, with orange markings on its top and bottom.


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Final Mix

The Element Cluster does not have an hp amount, instead, the goal is to earn points before the time limit in the upper right portion of the screen runs out. One point is obtained for each correct elemental attack dealt to the Element Cluster. Since the goal is to get as many points within a short amount of time, the most effective way is to fill the command deck with Bueno Volcano, Snow Bear, and Spark Lemon Ice Cream commands and use them to activate the Firestorm, Diamond Dust, and Thunderbolt command styles.

When the red portion of the Element Cluster is in the middle it should be hit with fire elemental attacks so Firestorm should be used, when the blue portion of the Element Cluster is in the middle it should be hit with blizzard attacks so Diamond Dust should be used, and when the yellow portion of the Element Cluster is in the middle, it should be hit with thunder type attacks so the Thunderbolt command style should be used. When the correct command style is activated, hit the Elemental Cluster as much as possible before it changes position, and when it does, use the correct ice cream that represents the new element to change command styles and keep hitting it with the Keyblade.