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Eldritch Esoterica (陰陽の大全集 In'yō no Taizenshū?, lit. "Yin Yang Collection") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Eldritch Esoterica+.


The Eldritch Esoterica lexicon is rectangular with covers that curve upward slightly at the ends. The spine of the book sports a white oval with a pale green symbol comprised of three spikes at the top and bottom. Both covers are decorated by a large, blue heart-shaped symbol with a pale green outline. The rest of the lexicon is black.

"Eldritch" can mean "supernatural", "weird", or "eerie". "Esoterica" can refer to things that are impractical, understood by few, or private. A collection is a group of related objects or information. "Yin Yang" is a Chinese philosophical concept of spiritual balance.


Eldritch Esoterica's ground combo begins with a downward slash, followed by a leftward/rightward swipe. Zexion then places the lexicon on the ground and slams it closed on enemies. For the combo finisher, Zexion sends a bird-like illusion, similarly colored to the Taboo Text, hurtling toward enemies.

Eldritch Esoterica's aerial combo consists of a downward slash, an upward slash, and finally Zexion sends a bird-like illusion hurtling toward enemies.

When Eldritch Esoterica contacts an enemy, a periwinkle blue circle bursts out along with white feathers.

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