Dual Blade
Dual Blade
Dual Blade
Dual Blade
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Dual Blade
Dual Blade
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji デュアルブレード
Romaji Dyuaru Burēdo
French Double Lames
German Doppelklinge
Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Zip Slasher
Heat Saber
Chill Ripper
Blitz Spear
Stalwart Blade

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This large and aggressive knight Heartless's skillful defense makes it tough to finish off. Though its focused slash can be stopped with a block, blasting the knight with Thundaga while it is storing up energy will stagger it, opening it up to extra damage, especially from magic.
Hearts Lvl
55 22
HP EXP Def Stun
x9.60 x6.23 x1.50
Mission Lvl Rewards
54 24 Lightning Gem (100%)
72 41 Gear Component C (100%)
Fire Bliz. Thndr. Aero
x0.81 x0.91 x0.52 x-0.10
Ignt. Frze. Jolt Toss
x0 x0.91 x0 x0
Halloween Town



The Dual Blade is an Emblem Heartless that can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is one of the bosses in Halloween Town.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Roxas and Demyx are dispatched to Halloween Town to eliminate a Dual Blade. After making their way to the Town Square; the duo is instantly charged by the Dual Blade. One they defeat it, the two can RTC.

In another mission to Halloween Town, there are once again Dual Blades in the Halloween Town Square. This time, however, Roxas and Luxord must defeat two Dual Blades. Once defeated, the two are able to RTC.

Physical Appearance

A Dual Blade is a large, humanoid Heartless covered from head to toe in silver and grey armor. The armor on its legs sport white spikes and steel blue highlights. Its helmet sports two short, white spikes and a long, twisted, black antenna. A small opening in the front just barely exposes the Dual Blade's black face and glowing yellow eyes. Its most notable features are the blue interweaving blades in place of each of its hands. It has two Heartless emblems, one on each of its shoulder pauldrons.


  • The Dual Blade makes a spinning thrust attack that damages the player
  • The Dual Blade casts the Aero spell to damage the player
  • The Dual Blade jumps in the air and comes down, causing a short-ranged shockwave to erupt.
  • The Dual Blade charges power and makes a powerful long-range attack that may cause the Air-Toss effect

When facing a Dual Blade, it is best the player keep in constant motion to avoid the Heartless's attacks. Block its spinning thrust attack, and jump to avoid the Aerora spells it launches. When the Heartless jumps high into the air, be sure to jump and Glide out of the way, or suffer damage when it comes down and causes a short-ranged shockwave to erupt.

A well-timed Dodge Roll can also prevent damage. When the Dual Blade charges power, immediately Block to avoid the powerful long-range slash attack that follows, as it may inflict the Air-Toss status effect. Blocking this attack successfully will cause the Heartless to collapse, increasing damage that can be done with magic or attacks. As the Dual Blade's journal entry suggests, Thundaga will have the same effect on this Heartless. Once it recovers, the Dual Blade will use the attacks in its arsenal at random. So long as one heals regularly and uses their Limit Break or magic as needed, the Dual Blade should not be much of a challenge.

On Mission 54, the pumpkin bombs on the floor are pretty useful. After hitting one of them, lure the Dual Blade to get near it, and the explosion should take out 1 bar of the Heartless's HP.


The Dual Blade's name is a clear reference to the two blades on its arms that it uses to attack.

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