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Drive Boost is an Ability acquired in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It makes the Drive Gauge fill up faster when damage is dealt while in MP restoration. The effect of the ability depends on the number of Drive Boosts equipped. Due to MP Hastega, Ultima Weapon can hinder the effects of this ability; nor does any MP Haste/Rage ability equipped to Sora, for it gives less time for the player to try to fill the Drive Gauge with Drive Boost.

Drive Orb KHII

While in MP Charge, Drive Orbs fill up the Drive Gauge faster.

Obtained (Kingdom Hearts II)

  • Oblivion (passive Ability)
  • Sora (Sword) LV 25
  • Sora (Shield) LV 28
  • Sora (Staff) LV 47
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