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The Driller Mole (モールドリル Mōru Doriru?, lit. "Mole Drill") is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II. It resembles a small drill-toy that attacks by sneakingly drilling under ground and attacking Sora from below.

This Heartless seems to be one of the smallest Heartless in the game.


A Driller Mole is a very small Heartless that has a large, spherical head that is green on its upper hemisphere and orange on its lower one. Its mouth is jagged and it has a large, brown and tan, conical drill as a "nose". Its eyes are represented by two yellow X's, and it sports jagged, yellow orange horns on the sides of its head. Its body is black and resembles a jar, with the Heartless emblem on its front. Two black wheels are attached to the sides of its body.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Driller Mole's drill is brown and pale yellow. Its body becomes orange and the upper half of its head becomes yellow. Its horns, the lower half of its head, and its tires are now red-violet, and its eyes and hubcaps are now green.

The Driller Mole's name refers to its ability to tunnel underground using the drill on its head. A mole is an animal that tunnels and lives underground.


Driller Moles are not very powerful, but they do burrow under the ground making them difficult to hit. Look for moving dust clouds on the ground; if it's under you, it's about to attack. Once they're exposed above ground, they're very easy to destroy, but they tend to swarm.

Stats & Abilities

  • Drill Attack: Jumping drill-stab
  • Drill Upper: Drill-stab from underground