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Driller is an enemy that only appears in Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

It rams its arms into the Gummi Ship, usually causing a great amount of damage. Among the strongest of the enemies found among the Gummi Missions, there are also Red and Gold versions which are much tougher, and drop treasures if defeated.

Notably, the Driller is the only basic Gummi enemy in Kingdom Hearts II that is a Heartless; the others are all Nobodies.


A normal Driller is an apparently mechanical Heartless with a smooth, brown main body and a gold engine on its back. Its short arms are yellow, gold, and navy blue with light blue highlights, and attach to conical hands.

Both of its hands are yellow and gold and end in large, blue-grey and light blue drills. Its black head and glowing yellow eyes are encased in a small, translucent dome on the top of its body, and it has a curled, black antenna on the top of the dome.

There are two red crests on its body, one on either side of its head, and the Heartless emblem is on its chest.

The Driller's name is a clear reference to the drills on its arms.

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