Dream Sword

The Dream Sword is a weapon from Kingdom Hearts.

The Dream Sword is one of the only two possible weapons used only by Sora that can injure the Heartless (the other being the Keyblade). The dream shield and dream rod may also injure Heartless, should the player choose them instead.

The Dream Sword has a small, black Mickey head on it. How the sword relates to Mickey is unknown. Sora obtains the Dream Sword in the Awakening; but only if the player so chooses. The player may choose to use the Dream Sword, to ignore it, or to discard it, then losing it forever. If they accept to use the Dream Sword, then Sora's stats will focus on Strength. If he discards it, then Strength will be the least focused stat. If he ignores it, then Strength will grow normally. If Sora takes the Dream Sword, he loses it upon leaving the Awakening.

The Dream Sword also made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II, along with other elements from the Awakening that Roxas found in the Station of Awakening. Like Sora, the player may choose to accept the blade or not. However, it turns into the Keyblade if taken.


  • The Dream Sword is the only item in the Awakening that cannot be obtained later in the game.
  • The Dream Sword is described in Kingdom Hearts as the Sword of Terrible Destruction. It has not yet been revealed if this is just analogy to the fact that Swords and other weapons are very capable of being extremely destructive.
  • Some people believe that the original desing for Ultima Weapon could have come from this sword

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