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The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction.

Dive to the Heart

The Dream Sword (ソードオブドリーム Sōdo obu Dorīmu?, lit. "Sword of Dream") is a weapon which appears in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It appears within both Sora's and Roxas's Dive to the Heart, alongside the Dream Shield and Dream Rod.

These three weapons represent the paths that Sora and Roxas can take — the path of the warrior, the guardian, or the mystic. As the weapon of the warrior, the Dream Sword focuses on strength and avoids defense, and if Sora or Roxas choose it, they will learn their offensive abilities at lower levels. Additionally, Sora will eventually gain an extra Item Slot.

If Sora chooses the Dream Sword in Kingdom Hearts, he will use it as a weapon throughout his Dive to the Heart. Like the Dream Shield and Dream Rod it will disappear at the end of the dream, but unlike those weapons it cannot be re-obtained in the waking world. In contrast, if Roxas chooses the Dream Sword in Kingdom Hearts II, it will immediately transform into his Kingdom Key. Sora can equip this sword within Mission Mode in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


The Dream Sword is a generic short sword with a black Hidden Mickey symbol on the hilt and a blue handle. The pommel is simple and golden in color. It is similar in design to the sword at the core of the Ultima Weapon Keychain.

Its appearance resembles that of the magic sword from the Disney film, The Black Cauldron.


Sora is able to wield Dream Sword in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days if the Zero Gear is equipped. Unlike the plethora of identical combos Sora uses no matter what gear he equips, besides the Pandora Gear, Dream Sword's combo is completely unique. Its ground combo begins with a basic hit with the sword, followed by a forward thrusting move, with the weapon pointed out. From here, a Y-Combo is prompted, which branches into Sora's aerial combo with the weapon.

Sora will jump up in the air in an uppercut with the sword, and another tap of the Y button will finish the combo with a vertical spinning attack, in which Sora spins several times vertically with his weapon brandished. A normal continuation of the combo will finish with a slide forward, then a slashing move almost identical to Zantetsuken.

The Dream Sword's aerial combo begins with a diagonal slash upward, followed by a sharp slash downward. It finishes with a vertical spinning attack, in which Sora spins several times vertically with his weapon brandished.


  • In Kingdom Hearts, although Sora cannot re-obtain the Dream Sword, it still accessible via cheat devices to obtain the weapon permanently in the item menu. However, the Dream Sword doesn't have anything written in the weapon's description.