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Dream Pieces are fragments of dreams, which are obtained in the Realm of Sleep during Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Dream Pieces are the fragments which are used to create Spirits.

Dream Pieces sometimes drop from Nightmares after they have been defeated. Different Nightmares will drop different types of Dream Pieces. They can can also be obtained from link portals and chests, as well as being purchasable from the Moogle Shop.


There are seventeen types of Dream Pieces, with each type existing in three tiers, likening it to the previous games' synthesizing materials.

These three main forms are figment, fancy and fantasy. The seventeen types of Dream Pieces present in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance are Brilliant, Charming, Dulcet, Epic, Fleeting, Grim, Intrepid, Lofty, Malleable, Noble, Prickly, Rampant, Savage, Troubling, Vibrant, Wild, and Wondrous. Each of these seventeen types of Dream Pieces have a figment, a fancy and a fantasy, each with a different appearance.​

Each tier of Dream Piece has a specific description, similar to other forms of synthesis material. The tiers differ in rarity and usefulness respectively.

Figment - "An every day material used to bring Spirits to life." Fancy - "A superior material used to bring Spirits to life." Fantasy - "A rare material used to bring Spirits to life."

There are some exceptions, including the Wild and Charming Fantasies, which state: "A precious material that can bring a rare Spirit to life."


Dream Pieces can simply be purchased from the Moogle Shop. The price of each Dream Piece will vary according to the sleeping world.



"You almost need sun-glasses to look at it."


"Pure, unadulterated cuteness-shield your eyes!"


"It hums with a strangely beautiful energy."


"Great power begins with small dreams."


"Energy swirls about inside, faster than the eye can see."


"It is unyielding and cool to the touch."


"Just touching it feels dangerous."


"It feels light, like it's trying to get back to the sky."


"It feels both soft and firm at the same time."


"Just looking at it fills you with purpose."


"Be careful not to squeeze it too tight!"


"It bounces around as if it can't wait to be free."


"Whatever energy lurks inside longs to do harm."


"It feels heavy, as though something is dragging it down."


"Hold its light close, and you'll feel right as rain."


"This energy REALLY wants to get loose!"


"Who knows what weird power it holds?"

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