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DL Donald

Donald Duck is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep that is usable by Ventus and Aqua.


Donald's deck consists entirely of upper-level magic commands and magic-based attack commands such as Fire Surge. It has a mix of offensive and healing commands for the player to use.


Level 0

DL DonaldAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1 DL DonaldMagicUp

DL DonaldAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Donald Flare

Level 2 DL DonaldShell

DL DonaldAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive Commands

Donald Flare

Donald Flare (ドナフレア Dona Furea?, lit. "Dona-Flare") - Variation on Donald's "Duck Flare".

Cosmic Donald

Cosmic Donald (ドナコズミック Dona Kozumikku?, lit. "Dona-Cosmic") - Variation on Donald's "Duck Flare".

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