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The Dissenter's Notes is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Dissenter's Notes+.


The Dissenter's Notes lexicon is shaped like a semi-circle with uneven, spiked edges. All of the spikes are yellow. The spine of the book is black with a thin silver line toward the top and bottom, as well as a blue diamond shape with a silver outline in the middle. Both covers are decorated by a semi-circular, blue and black design with a silver outline.

A dissenter is someone who disagrees with something. A note can refer to an abbreviated piece of writing meant to assist memory or to the material on which notes are written on.


Dissenter's Notes' ground combo begins with a leftward/rightward swipe, followed by a second leftward/rightward swipe. At this point, a spear-like weapon extends from the lexicon's pages, slashing from top right to bottom left, then from top left to bottom right, back from bottom right to top left, then a final thrust forward as the finisher. If Y is pressed, the book expands and the spear appears with a forward thrust.

Dissenter's Notes' air combo is very short, consisting solely of a downward slash, an upward slash, and a spinning forward throw.

When Dissenter's Notes makes contact with an enemy, a periwinkle star-burst appears along with a burst of pink and white diamonds.

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