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Disney Castle is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts coded, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is the home of King Mickey, Queen Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and the other classic animated characters created by Walt Disney.

Disney Castle first appeared during the opening and closing scenes of Kingdom Hearts. It was unplayable, although visible throughout the game on the Gummi Map screen to the left of Traverse Town.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Disney Castle took on a more active role when the barrier protecting Disney Castle, the Cornerstone of Light, was corrupted by Maleficent and the world was invaded by the Heartless. This brought Disney Castle's attention to Sora and his friends, who rescued the castle with the help of Queen Minnie and the inhabitants of Timeless River.

Disney Castle later appears in Kingdom Hearts coded, where Mickey and Jiminy discover a message in his journal that says "We must free them from their torment" and create a data version of Sora.


The Audience Chamber.

Though Disney Castle shows the palace and a little town on the World Map, exploration is limited to only within the castle, in almost all places that had been seen in the first game. King Mickey and Queen Minnie and other members of the royal organization hold meetings in the Audience Chamber. Hidden below Mickey's throne is another room called the Hall of the Cornerstone where the Cornerstone of Light is kept safe.

Below the castle is the Gummi Hangar, a room for storing and maintaining the Gummi Ship, controlled by Chip and Dale. This room is accessed by entering a castle-like arrangement of foliage in the courtyard. Sora and his party later enter Disney Castle through this room when they visit in Kingdom Hearts II.

Other places to be explored include the Library, where Donald, Queen Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy first read the letter from King Mickey about the danger of the universe. Minnie, Daisy and a broom servant can also be seen here anytime after you save the castle from Maleficent after returning from Timeless River.

The Courtyard is the place where Donald catches Goofy napping, and where Queen Minnie and Daisy ask Donald to explain things in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. The Colonnade in the castle connects the Courtyard to the rest of the castle. A town can also be seen on the world image of the castle on the world map. This town is where Horace Horsecollar and probably Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck are living in after the Castle is built. Also seen on the world image on the first game is a well, a triumphal arch that has a trifoil, and a dark building that is in the shape of the trademark Crown symbol.

A pathway can also be seen when Donald rushes to tell Goofy about the King's disappearance in the first game. However, this pathway was deleted in Kingdom Hearts II.

Like many castles, mansions and palaces of the real world, there are most likely many more rooms in Disney Castle as well, such as the King and Queen's bedchamber, the servants' bedchambers, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, the living room, guest bedchambers, a nursery for any children the King and Queen may bear, a gymnasium/fitness center, an armory for the guards' weapons and for the King's Keyblades, indoor swimming pools and spas, recreation rooms that include an arcade, laundry rooms, project studios, a home theater, a ballroom, elevators and more. The castle also serves as a royal foster care/group home.


Birth by Sleep

While Disney Castle does not actually appear in the storyline, it is seen in the background of Disney Town and is featured as a racing circuit in the North American, European and Final Mix releases of the game.

Kingdom Hearts

This world is only seen in cutscenes while Sora is at the Destiny Islands, when Donald gets a letter from King Mickey with Pluto and is ordered by Queen Minnie to find the "Key" and the King. Jiminy Cricket is assigned by the Queen to become their royal chronicler.

Pluto jumps on the Gummi Ship to follow them. Donald and Goofy begin their journey from here on. The world appears on the Gummi Ship map near Traverse Town, but is not accessible. In the ending credits, Huey, Dewey, and Louie return to Disney Castle after the order of the worlds is restored.

Kingdom Hearts II

When Pete and Maleficent mess with the Cornerstone of Light and try to take over the castle by going back to the past to alter the present, Sora visits the castle for the first time, where he protects Queen Minnie, and eventually goes to Timeless River, a past version of Disney Castle before it was built, with Donald and Goofy to stop Pete from destroying the Cornerstone. The Keyblade Graveyard, where Sora fights the Lingering Will, is also accessible via the Hall of the Cornerstone in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

In the ending credits, Donald, Goofy, Uncle Scrooge, Pluto, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and King Mickey all return to Disney Castle after their battle against Organization XIII.


This is where the story of Kingdom Hearts coded begins, with Jiminy Cricket re-organizing his journal when he finds a mysterious message which was later digitized by King Mickey to create a Sora out of data in hopes of discovering when the entry was added by reliving the moment.

In episode four, King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Jiminy and Pete are sucked into the data world of Disney Castle and in the real Disney Castle, Chip and Dale are trying to contact them. At the end of the game, when the data world is completely debugged and erased, they are sent back to the real Disney Castle, where King Mickey writes a letter to the real Sora about his findings (Terra, Aqua and Ven) and sends it to him in a bottle.

Dream Drop Distance

Minnie is taken hostage by Maleficent, who sends a letter and her crown to the Mysterious Tower to bring King Mickey back. Once everyone is assembled, Maleficent explains her past encounter with Master Xehanort and how she learned of the worlds and Kingdom Hearts from him. She know seeks the obtain the Datascape from her previous encounter with Mickey to aid her plans for universal domination. Though unwilling to do such an act, Mickey tries to buy time to think of a plan to rescue Minnie. Seeing that Mickey is unwilling to give her the Data Worlds willingly, Maleficent sends a blast of magic at him, Donald and Goofy. However, a dark corridor opens and one of Lea's Chakram blocks the blast while the other strikes Pete. Taking the opportunity to get away, Minnie uses her Light powers to free herself from Pete and Maleficent and heads over to her friends. Knowing that she cannot win, Maleficent leaves with Pete. Mickey turns to face Lea, thanking him and calling him Axel. However, Lea corrects him and introduces himself.

Kingdom Hearts III

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Treasure List

Kingdom Hearts II

Type Items Found Locations Notes
Regular Hi-Potion Courtyard Behind the shrub castle that houses the entrance to the Gummi Hangar.
Ether Courtyard On the ledge behind the figure of the cow playing the flute.
Power-Ups AP Boost Courtyard On the ledge in the corner behind the figure of the cow playing the cymbals.
Synthesis Mythril Shard x2 Courtyard On the ledge beside the figure of the dog playing the trombone.
On the ledge beside the figure of the pig playing the french horn.
Mythril Stone Courtyard On the ledge behind the figure of the pig playing the trumpet.
Recipe Star Recipe Courtyard On the highest ledge of the shrub castle that houses the entrance to the Gummi Hangar.
Special Torn Pages Library In the Northeast corner of the room.

Puzzle Pieces

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Puzzle Pieces Found Locations Notes
Courtyard Above the bonsai of the trumpet player.
Courtyard On top of the entrance.
Gummi Hangar Above the archway. Need LV3 High Jump.
Courtyard Near the bonsai cutting of the trombone player is a tall hedge. Jump from the top of that hedge to get puzzle piece.
Colonnade Need LV2 High Jump, LV2 Aerial Dodge and attack.


  • Because Disney Castle is not based on any Disney movie, it is the only Disney-based world in the game that doesn't borrow anything from the productions. It is based plot-wise, only borrowing characters instead.
  • Disney Castle was shown as a playable world in an early trailer for Kingdom Hearts, but was removed from the finished game.
  • In the Library, the portrait hanging on the right side of the door is reflected the wrong way. The portrait faces left, while its reflection faces right.
  • In the Audience Chamber, look carefully at the wall behind the throne. There are three Mickey head symbols—one is for Mickey, the second is for Minnie, and there is a third one (possibly for the royal couple's children).[1]