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Diablo Eye is a pair of Arrowguns that can be wielded by Xigbar in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Diablo Eye+.


The body of the Diablo Eye is a wide, black ring lined by spikes and divided into three sections. The barrel is red and ridged. The handle and curved guard are both black, and the guard is lined by six black diamonds with grey edges.

These diamonds flash red, the color of the bullets, when Xigbar reloads. Its bullets produce red sparks on contact with an enemy, but gold ones on contact with anything else. The Stingray is nearly identical to this model of Arrowgun, though it has a different coloration.


Xigbar begins his ground combo by crossing his arms and firing two simultaneous shots in front of him. He then propels himself into a backflip by firing two more shots directly in front of him. He ends the combo by sweeping his right Arrowgun across the field and firing four bullets in quick succession.

In his aerial combo, Xigbar fires four shots straight ahead, backflips, and fires two more.