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The Destroyer is an Emblem Heartless found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


A Destroyer is a large, red, funnel-shaped, mechanical Heartless with a diamond-shaped opening in its front, exposing its glowing, yellow eyes. Two indigo, diamond-shaped guns are mounted on either side of its body. Each of these guns sports a silver, pyramidal spike on both of its ends. There is a black ring that acts somewhat like a gyroscope hovering around its base, despite not being directly connected to the Heartless.

This ring bears a vague resemblance to the top half of the Nobody symbol. The Destroyer has a silver spike on the top of its head, and its Heartless emblem is just below the opening for its eyes. The top and bottom halves of its body are yellow.


The Destroyer can be a bit difficult to defeat if one does not follow the proper strategy. Before one attacks the Heartless boss itself, the several Minute Bombs that aid it should be targeted first, allowing the player to obtain extra Heart Points. Once the Minute Bombs are taken care of, one should Lock-On to the Destroyer and begin hitting it with aerial combos and offensive magic.

The Destroyer will use both a physical attack and shoot a long-range laser beam, the physical attack having a 20% chance of dealing the Radar Zap status effect and the laser beam having a 100% chance of dealing the Null Defense status effect. Both attacks can be avoided by keeping out of attack range or by using an ability like Dodge Roll and Glide (in holo-missions).

One can also use the Thunder spell to Jolt the Destroyer, allowing extra damage to be dealt and disabling its laser attacks. It has the most HP out of any Heartless in its family, but the combination of physical and magic attacks, and even the Limit Break, can devastate it. Once the Destroyer is eliminated, the player can obtain a Shining Gem.

Stats & Abilities

  • The Destroyer uses a strong physical attack. Has a 20% chance of dealing the Radar Zap status effect.
  • The Destroyer shoots a powerful beam at the player's direction. It has a 100% chance of dealing the Null Defense status effect if hit.