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Destiny's Embrace (デスティニープレイス Desutinī Pureisu?, lit. "Destiny Place") is a Keyblade which appears in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. In Kingdom Hearts II, it was given to Kairi by Riku in The World That Never Was in order to fight a swarm of Heartless attacking Sora.[1]

Destiny's Embrace is only seen in two scenes in Kingdom Hearts II, but in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kairi gives flowers to Aqua during their encounter, unlocking the Destiny's Embrace for Aqua.


The Keyblade is round and curvaceous to the point of appearing harmless. One side of the hilt is formed in the shape of a breaking ocean wave, while the other is formed into a beige vine of sand that wraps around the shaft, which is colored to resemble a sunset. The vine connects to a bouquet of colorful flowers, which form the teeth of the Keyblade. A red, silken Keychain connects the hilt to the Paopu Fruit token, a recurring symbol of the bond between Sora and Kairi.

This Keyblade's name may reference to Aqua accepting that her meeting with Kairi was meant to happen.


Notes and references

  1. Director's Secret Report XIII, p. 28; Tetsuya Nomura: "There isn't necessarily one Keyblade for the dark side and one for the light side, just as many as there exist people with qualified hearts. Concerning the conditions to wield one, at this stage, 'those with strong hearts' is the only obvious one. However, less obvious conditions still exist and there are still plans for an opportunity to reveal those. Riku's 'Way to the Dawn' and Kairi's Keyblade are naturally the same type of Keyblade as Sora's. However there is no particular explanation for the Soul Eater's transfer and occurrence, as well as Riku's handing it to Kairi. When there isn't a normal process of acquisition, I think it's okay to think there is some deeper meaning there."