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Design Packs are a new way to color the Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Each unlocked palette adds eight patterns to the regular color selection screen. Note that some Gummi Blocks (e.g. Drill/G) can not be painted.

Set Name Textures Unlocked
Patterned Skins A GP Patterned Skins A.png S-Rank: Asteroid Sweep (Mission 1)
Patterned Skins B GP Patterned Skins B.png S-Rank: Stardust Sweep (Mission 1)
Realistic Skins GP Realistic Skins.png S-Rank: Phantom Storm (Mission 1)
Decal Skins GP Decal Skins.png S-Rank: Splash Island (Mission 1)
Variety Skins A GP Variety Skins A.png S-Rank: Floating Island (Mission 1)
Variety Skins B GP Variety Skins B.png S-Rank: Ancient Highway (Mission 1)
Neon Skins A GP Neon Skins A.png S-Rank: Broken Highway (Mission 1)
Neon Skins B GP Neon Skins B.png S-Rank: Sunlight Storm (Mission 1)