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A Defense Boost as seen in Kingdom Hearts II.

Defense Boost (also called Defense Up) is an item that can be obtained in the Kingdom Hearts series. Defense Boosts will permanently increase a character's Defense stat by one. This item can only be used from the items menu after it is obtained. Defense Boosts can be found in treasure chests and can be created through synthesis.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Beginner Mode, Sora starts off with 8 Defense Ups in his stock.

Treasure Chests and Events

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts II

In this game, the only Defense Boost in a large treasure chest is in 100 Acre Wood in Piglet's House.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

A Defense Boost is given for defeating the Xigbar, Xaldin, or Saïx Data Battles in the Garden of Assemblage.

Synthesis list

Kingdom Hearts

In addition, they can be synthesized from List III by using the following:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

This is going to be on List IV

Kingdom Hearts II

Aside from synthesizing them you can also earn them by completing certain Moogle Lists:

  • Obtain 30 synthesis material types
  • Obtain all Bright materials.

They can be synthesized as well, after obtaining the Guard Recipe and the following items:

Adding a Serenity Crystal to the recipe will create a Power Boost.


  • In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the damage calculation holds (STR-DEF) as its root equation. Since 86 is the highest STR of an enemy in the game and the root equation has a lower limit of 1, boosting DEF any higher than 85 has no actual effect.[1]

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