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This is the walkthrough for Deep Jungle as it is featured in Kingdom Hearts, as well as its Final Mix version. After arriving at the world in Interspace, Goofy wondered if King Mickey might be down there, but Donald denied the possibility, as it was a "backwater place". Sora wanted to try anyway to search for his own friends, which Donald refused, and as the two fought over the controls the gummi ship forcefully crashlanded, leaving them scattered.


After the crash you will be separated from Donald and Goofy, and immediately have to fight Sabor alone. You do not have to win, but he does provide some EXP if you do. He mainly relies on swipes and pounces, and cannot be staggered by normal hits, although finishers do work. You can Dodge Roll and avoid some of his moves, but otherwise Sabor does not have the staying power (only 90 HP) to outlast Sora. Regardless of the outcome you will afterwards be joined by Tarzan, an agile melee attacker who notably can cast Healing Herb and Wind Armor, his equivalent of Cure and Aero, making him a very reliable support companion. Before you follow Tarzan, you can find another Protect Chain (Protera in the original version) on-top of the Tree House's roof.

After following Tarzan you will have to jump down the hollow tree trunk to engage in a minigame called Jungle Slider. Jump over or avoid tree branches blocking your path, or hit them if you want, until you land in the Camp. Enter the tent and talk to Jane, and reunite with Donald and Goofy (you also receive a Protect-G). You can only have two party members, and although Tarzan is for now clearly superior, you cannot activate Trinity Marks without the other two. He also does not have enough AP for all his abilities. Note that absent party members still gain EXP, but their actual new abilities are deferred until their next level-up in your presence. Now exit the tent and collect the slides scattered around the camp, you can also find research notes which let you brew a few extra items in two experiments.

After returning the slides and viewing the cutscene you will again be attacked by Sabor when you exit the tent, but should have no trouble with a full party at your disposal. Sabor will show up at random in a few areas of Deep Jungle, serving as combat due to the absence of the Heartless. Head to the left exit, the Hippos' Lagoon, where you can obtain a few items, when done climb the vine stuck to the tree at the start of the area. Use the vines to swing from platform to platform until you reach Vines 2, where a cutscene plays. You can now also play the Vine Jump minigame, started by examining the yellow flower in the Vines area, although it offers no rewards.

Climb the vine on the nearby tree to enter Climbing Trees, from where you can reach the Tree House, where you will watch a cutscene. Afterwards, jump off the net again and make your way back to the Camp. Return to Jane, after which you will begin to encounter Heartless, who are attacking the gorillas. These Heartless, called Powerwilds, are agile melee attackers, but will not prove too much of a threat. Rescued gorillas reward you with gummi blocks, and you can save one each in the Bamboo Thicket, Cliffs, Climbing Trees, and the Tree House.

During this time you might also encounter Bouncywilds, which act as ranged support to the close combat Powerwilds. They will run away and toss banana peels if you get too close, causing you to lose a large amount of munny if you slip on them. They mostly drop munny when defeated, and their peels can cause other Heartless to drop items and munny if they slip on them. Eventually you must go talk to Jane, followed by going to the Bamboo Thicket for the final bossfight against Sabor.

Sabor will have twice as much HP, and can also jump into the bamboo thicket surrounding the area, only to emerge elsewhere. Regardless he proves little threat against a full party at this point. Equip the White Fang you receive afterwards, then return to Jane, then to Climbing Trees for another large fight. This time Powerwilds will endlessly respawn, allowing you to farm them if you wish, but if you don't, cast magic on all the flower buds in the area to cease the constant reinforcements. Regardless, hit the big fruit until it is destroyed, freeing Jane and Terk. Return to the tent to save and prepare for a bossfight, then head for the Cliffs.

Clayton and Stealth Sneak bossfight

Clayton mounted atop the Stealth sneak.

it is recommended to replace Donald with Tarzan for this bossfight, which consists of two phases. In phase one Clayton will be aided by Powerwilds, which should be ignored in favor of Clayton, who will use his rifle to perform powerful shots with a high range and accuracy, and a small area of effect on impact. Sometimes he uses a melee attack, but he will otherwise repeatedly jump away to gain distance, forcing you to chase after him. If you give him the chance he will also heal himself. Time Dodge Rolls properly to avoid his bullets and close the distance, at which point you can rely on staggering him with your attacks until he takes enough damage to start phase two.

In the next phase he will be riding an invisible Heartless, the Stealth Sneak. Clayton no longer will need to avoid you himself, as he cannot be staggered by your attacks, and can utilize his high seating to gain a better angle on you. In return, Stealth Sneak's movements will repeatedly stop him from being able to aim and fire at you, balancing it out. Stealth Sneak itself can and will jump around frequently, while relying on on swipe attacks with its claws, which can also cast a medium ring wind blade attack. Aside from this it can also charge forwards and use its rear legs to swipe at anything behind it. For now the Heartless will rely largely on its frontal attacks, so aim for the sides until it goes visible.

Clayton will try to heal it sometimes while he is mounted, but eventually will jump off and resort to his phase one tactics. He is the main target and defeating him ends the fight, although it can be difficult with the Stealth Sneak still active. The Stealth Sneaks itself only offers a minor EXP reward (only thirty) however, so taking it out might not be worth the risk. Once its eyes begins to glow it will start shooting homing orbs from its eyes, which can be deflected back at it, or avoided entirely by dodging. It will be unable to die while doing this, but once it is death you can finish off Clayton. Note that if you take too long Clayton can teleport back onto the Heartless, forcing you to knock him back off.

You will receive the power of healing afterwards; Cure, which is by far the most useful magic spell, and is a good reason not to waste MP on offensive spells and abilities all the time. With Cure you no longer need to spend time to select Potions, or hope an ally heals you on time. Enter the Waterfall Cavern nearby and climb the platforms until you reach a cave, where you will seal the Keyhole, receive another Navi-G Piece, and the Trinity Charge ability. Tarzan will give you the Jungle King as a reward back at the tent, which is stronger than your Kingdom Key, with a much better range as well.

After sealing the Keyhole you must go back to Traverse Town's (second visit, but before that you can return to the Jungle Slider minigame to play it properly, which involves collecting fruit on each course. Collect all ten each time to unlock a rare item as a reward, and to unlock the next course, of which there are five in total. While in Deep Jungle's Bamboo Thicket you might also encounter, or already have encountered, the unique Black Ballade enemies, which play a shuffle game, requiring you to hit the right one.