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Data Form is Sora's robot or circuit board-like armor, grey in color with glowing cyan circuit lines; his guise essentially matches the appearance of nearly all non-evil human beings or programs in Space Paranoids during Kingdom Hearts II. Both Sora and Riku also sport a Data Form throughout their time in The Grid during Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

In Data Form, the appearance of Sora's Keyblade is also changed to have glowing, blue circuit lines as well. Sora does not appear to be wearing his crown pendant in Data Form, which is present in nearly every other form. Sora has no special abilities in this form.

Journal entry

Kingdom Hearts II

"A boy who carries the Keyblade, opening the world-gates in search of Riku.

Tinkering with Ansem's computer triggered some kind of unique device that warped Sora inside the computer program."


In his Data Form, Sora's clothing is replaced with robotic, grey and dark blue armor covered in glowing, cyan computer circuitry. He wears a sleek helmet that covers his forehead and wraps over the top of his head to the back of his neck, leaving the sides of his head exposed. Two cyan prongs jut out diagonally from the back of the helmet. His skin also becomes light blue, and his hair turns grey. Sora's appearance is very symmetrical in this form and the hair not covered by his helmet spikes upward on either side of his head. Sora does not wear his crown necklace in this form.

The circuitry on Sora's armor changes color to match any Drive Form he is in. In Valor Form, the circuits are red; in Wisdom Form, they become a darker shade of blue; and Master Form's circuitry is yellow. Limit Form's armor and circuits are colored to vaguely match with the colors of Sora's outfit from the original game; his torso, helmet, and arms are silver, his pants are red, his shoes are yellow, and there is a blue band around his waist and collar. In Final Form, the armor's color becomes more predominantly grey and the circuits become silver. Anti Form's armor is black and the circuitry is grey.

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