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Data-Riku is a boss who is fought in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. A stronger, bugged form of him appears on the 100th floor of the Avatar Sector in the Avatar Menu of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


  • Data-Riku makes a forward thrust, attacking the enemy.
  • Data-Riku summons a Dark Shield, that, if attacked, causes Data-Riku to retaliate immediately with a strong strike.
  • Data-Riku teleports above the player and slams the Soul Eater down, sending several Bug Blox outwards to damage the player.
  • Data-Riku utilizes Dark Aura, charging around the screen, teleporting using his dark powers, then finishing with a slam which sends out a pulse of dark energy.
  • Data-Riku fires three Dark Firagas at the player

First Battle

First phase

His first move is a forward thrust, so a simple Dodge Roll is all that is needed to avoid it. He has a Dark Shield much like the one from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days which also reacts the same way if you try to attack the shield. If you attack his shield, it will retaliate immediately with a strike. You can either heal while his shield is up, or get behind him and attack. Keep watching his pattern, use Dodge Roll, and it should be easy to beat him.

Second phase

Riku now has few more attacks to use in the second round. He teleports above you and slams his Soul Eater down, sending several types of Bug Blox outwards to damage you. To avoid this you can either jump as he is falling, or dodge roll to avoid the blocks. Use the same strategy as before, blocking then attacking.

Third phase

In this round, Data-Riku's stats improve. His strongest move is now used against you, Dark Aura. This will be the first attack he uses at the beginning of the phaze. He uses it much in the same way as in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: he charges around the screen, teleporting using his dark powers, then finishing with a slam which sends out a pulse of dark energy.

This move is best avoided by Dodge Rolling since it's hard to tell where he will emerge next (this could be avoided with the ability Round Block). When he slams, you can dodge roll or jump to the side so avoid taking damage. He can also fire 3 Dark Firagas, which can be blocked easily. The rest of the moves are the same, but more powerful.

Second Battle

While debugging Data-Riku, a portal opens to a facsimile of the chapel, where the Bugs have taken Data-Riku's form. This Data-Riku follows the same pattern as the Third phase, but he has an extra bar of health.


Data-Riku - Kingdom Hearts coded
Data-Riku - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Bugged Data-Riku - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
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