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The Darkball is a Pureblood Heartless that appears throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.


A Darkball Heartless, true to its name, has a spherical body that is pitch black and streaked with dark blue. Its glowing, yellow eyes are rather small. The inside of its mouth is blue, and the mouth itself is a jagged, toothy opening. It has three thick, black and blue tentacles with frayed, pink tips sprouting out of its body, two on its top and one on its underside. It closely resembles the Shadow Stalker of Kingdom Hearts II, although the Shadow Stalker has an overall smoother appearance and several smaller appendages.

The Darkball's name reflects its spherical shape and its status as a Heartless, a heart corrupted by the Darkness.


Darkballs are relatively easy enemies, and generally do little damage, thanks to the long pauses and low HP of this variety of Heartless. The Darkball teleports from one place to another, using a tactic similar to the more intelligent Invisible.

Stats & Abilities

  • Reducing themselves to a small, purple cloud, allowing them to evade attacks, before expanding rapidly, causing damage.
  • Adopting a 'berserk' state, by which the Darkball rockets around in a restricted area, causing impact damage.
  • A charging chomp attack.



  • The Darkballs bear a slight resemblance to Bombs from the Final Fantasy series.


  1. The Darkball drops (2) MP Ball x 15 and Mega-Ether (10%) at the World of Chaos.