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CS DarkImpulse

Dark Impulse is a Level 2 Command Style exclusive to Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is activated by using Dark-based Deck Commands. During the Boss Fight with Master Eraqus, Terra automatically goes into the Dark Impulse command style, similar to Riku being in Dark Mode without having to trigger it during his battle with Zexion.


While using Dark Impulse, Terra's attacks become faster and deal dark damage. His attacks lift him off the ground as he barrages enemies with a fast and furious flurry of Keyblade slashes and clawing attacks from the free hand, dealing powerful dark damage. The combo finisher ends with Terra materializing a large hand of dark energy to deal substantial damage to enemies. The Finisher composes of Terra sinking into the ground, homing onto a single enemy and quickly moving under that enemy, and then jumping out of the ground, materializing the hand again straight up into the air, dealing massive damage.


When using Dark Impulse, Terra gains a dark aura around him as well as his Keyblade, and a black light is focused on his left hand.

Obtaining Dark Impulse

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