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Dark Follower is a character who can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


A Dark Follower is a massive, muscular, humanoid Heartless with dark purple skin. Its legs are rather short and its feet are very thin and curl upward. Its arms are rather long, and is has two relatively small, twisted wings on its back. There is a large, heart-shaped hole in the Heartless’s chest. Its head is covered in dozens of twisted, dark purple tentacles. Only its small, glowing yellow eyes are visible.

The Dark Follower's name is a clear reference to its dark color and its ability to attack using darkness. The latter part of its name could be a reference to the fact that it appears after a battle with other Heartless. "Follower" could also be a reference to the purple Shadow "followers" the Heartless summons.

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