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Dark Baymax
Dark Baymax KHIII
Type Construct Somebody Emblem
Kana/Kanji ダークベイマックス
Romaji Dāku Beimakkusu
French Baymax obscur
German Dunkel-Baymax
Games Kingdom Hearts III
Dark Baymax's Gallery

Kingdom Hearts III

The original Baymax. He was retrieved from anther dimension in a mantle of Darkubes, his program chip loaded with data from the hearts of the people the Darkubes attacked.



Dark Baymax is a boss in Kingdom Hearts III. He is the original Baymax created by Tadashi. After Dark Riku brought his body back to San Fransokyo, he infected Baymax's Battle Chip with Heartless, turning Baymax into a dangerous and evil robot.


Physical appearance


Dark Baymax—Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts 3 Dark Baymax Boss Fight 15

Kingdom Hearts 3 Dark Baymax Boss Fight 15

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