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Riku performing Dark Aura in Kingdom Hearts II

Dark Aura (ダークオーラ Dāku Ōra?) is an ability which appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It has two forms.

The first consists of Riku rapidly opening portals of darkness and rushing out of them at the opponent with his blade, then slamming the ground to summon a column of light that confuses the enemy. The second, used only in Kingdom Hearts II, consists of Riku firing orbs of dark flame (similar to Dark Firaga) which stop the enemy's movement. In Kingdom Hearts II, it requires two AP to equip and ten MP to use.

Unlike most Action Abilities, the second Dark Aura is used through a Reaction Command in the end of Sora's combos, or, directly by the player in the final battle with Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II, when the player is forced to control Riku for a time it appears as one of Riku's unique command menu, utilized by pressing Square.

Learning Dark Aura

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Soul Eater (card).png + Soul Eater (card).png + Soul Eater (card).png (27)

  • Riku learns Dark Aura by obtaining Dark Mode.

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Riku has Dark Aura as a default ability.

Other appearances

Riku performing Dark Aura in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

While possessed by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Riku uses the first form of Dark Aura as his strongest technique.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

During his final battle with Roxas at The World That Never Was, Riku uses the first form of Dark Aura, but he does not have to enter Dark Mode.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Riku Replica - A4 (card).png + Riku Replica - A2 (card).png + Riku Replica - A2 (card).png As a Replica created from the real Riku's combat data, the Riku Replica can utilize Dark Aura along with Riku's other skills granted by Dark Mode. Unlike Riku, who needs a card value of 27 to perform this attack, the Riku Replica can use it with any value. However, he does not start to use this attack until the final battles with Sora in the main story and Riku in Reverse/Rebirth.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded

During the third and final battle with Data-Riku in Hollow Bastion, he can utilize the first version of Dark Aura at random times.

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