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Danger Bug
Type Pureblood Heartless Heartless Emblem
Japanese Damage Bug
Kana/Kanji ダメージバグ
Romaji Dameji Bagu
Games Kingdom Hearts coded
Danger Bug's Gallery
Barrel Spider
Pot Spider
Pot Centipede
Pot Scorpion
Block Bug
Prize Bug
Metal Bug

Kingdom Hearts coded

Heartless that pose as danger blox. Just touching them will harm you, so keep your distance when you fight.



The Danger Bug is a Pureblood Heartless found in Kingdom Hearts coded and its remake. They can appear in Traverse Town, Wonderland, Agrabah, and Hollow Bastion.


A Danger Bug's body is nearly identical to a Danger Bug Blox; it is a black cube with gold patterns resembling cracked stone on the faces. A single, glowing yellow eye is present near the center of the front of its body. Four red and orange, spider-like legs sprout from its sides.

The Danger Bug's name reflects its insectoid appearance and its resemblance to the Danger Blox.


Danger Bugs can be dangerous to approach if Data-Sora is under-leveled, especially if more than one of them show up. Players should not attack them directly or touch them as the Danger Bug has the same effect as Danger Bug Blox, they will hurt you if you touch them. Magic commands and ranged-attack commands are to be used to attack them, except for attack commands that close in to enemies quickly like Air Spiral; those commands should be followed by a quick getaway by using Air Slide or Dodge Roll; otherwise Data-Sora will get hurt due to direct contact with the Danger Bug.

The most important thing to remember is do NOT get cornered by Danger Bugs, once they leap and rush towards the cornered Data-Sora, escape will be very difficult and can only be done with luck. If you think you are not strong enough to face Danger Bugs, avoid them at all cost, and don't worry about them respawning, they'll respawn as normal Blox Bug, Prize Bug, or Metal Bug.

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