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Daisy Duck is the duchess of Disney Castle and the girlfriend of Donald, King Mickey's court magician. She appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III.

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Daisy Duck is a close friend of Queen Minnie of Disney Castle as well as the inhabitants of Disney Town. She is the love of court magician Donald Duck and shows a great sense of strong affinity towards him. She has a short temper much like her love's but controls it until Donald's negligence to contact nor visit her at the Disney Castle during his Gummi travels.

She is reserved and relatively quiet, having no speaking lines in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and very little of the first two installments until Sora, Donald and Goofy's return to protect the Cornerstone of Light.

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Daisy is an anthropomorphized duck, as her name would suggest. Her eyes are light blue and she wears lavender eye shadow. Her eyelashes are rather long as well. Her plumage is white and her bill is yellow-orange. Daisy dresses in much more regal attire than her cartoon counterpart, sporting a gold tiara with a sapphire set in the front. She wears an ornate, sleeveless, violet ball gown with a high collar and a white, lace column of buttons going down the front.

The abdomen of the dress is amethyst-colored, and the top half is lined with a tan, triangular pattern. The bottom of the gown is periwinkle-colored, with a white, wavy pattern separating the lower half from the upper, violet half. There is a pleated purple layer underneath the dress, visible in the front. Daisy also wears long, white gloves over her four-fingered hands.

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Daisy Duck was a Walt Disney cartoon and comic book character created as a female counterpart and girlfriend for Donald Duck, first appearing in Don Donald.

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