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Déluge is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Déluge+.


A Déluge Knife has a sky blue handle with a blue tip and a strangely shaped blade. The blade is split into three separate blades, two on either side, and the main blade. Each of these blades has a curve on the same side, and all three are sky blue with darker blue tips. The shaft of the blade is yellow and has a circular hole in its center.


Déluge's combo, near identical to Vague's combo, is extremely fast—one of Larxene's quickest. It begins with a quick dual-slash, upward and downward, and immediately follows with an identical move, two moves that could easily be mistaken as one. After the second move, a Y-Combo opportunity arises, in which executing branches into a whole new combo taken into the air: Larxene will spin vertically upward, from which can be branched either her normal aerial combo or a completely new set upon pressing Y again. This initiates a second vertical spin identical to the first one. Pressing Y again will finish the Y-Combo with a mid-air roll, ending with a downward slash with both sets of Knives. If the combo is finished normally, it ends with a low, circular sweep, Knives brandished.

The normal aerial combo consists of two to four moves and no Y-Combos. It starts out with quick downward and upward slashes that are followed by a mid-air roll, ending with a downward slash with both sets of Knives. Upon pressing the A button up to three times at the end of the combo, the finisher can chain up to two more mid-air roll and slashes.

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