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Lord Cutler Beckett is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts III.


Beckett is best described as a cruel, unsympathetic and ruthless fiend preparing to murder masses of people including children and also rather arrogant preparing to let nothing stand in his way. He is also boastful by saying "It's Lord now, actually." Ironically, Beckett was a person who hunted down piracy ruthlessly. He is sophisticated, drinking tea on his flagship the HMS Endeavor before going into battle. He is also manipulative and smooth-talking, and will use any means necessary to get what he wants, and unlike most villains such as Hades, he is very polite.

Physical Appearance

Cutler Beckett is a tall man with a fair skin. He is dressed in the aristocratic style of the 17/18 century. He wears the typical aristocrat white powder-colored wig with rolled-up braids. In addition, he wears a black tricorne as hat. He also wears a long dark gray coat with golden decorations and under there he wears a long dark green jacket, that exposing only a small part of the white shirt worn underneath. Additionally he wears long knee high black boots.


Cutler Beckett appears as an antagonist in his homeworld "The Caribbean" heavily following the same role he played in At World's End. Just like in the film, Beckett plots to find the Brethren Court to remove piracy and became a ruler of the seven seas. Eventually, he meets his demise when both the Black Pearl and the Dutchman fire cannons on the Endeavor.


Lord Cutler Beckett was introduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.