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The Cursed Manual is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Cursed Manual+.


The Cursed Manual lexicon is a wide lexicon that is vaguely pentagonal in shape, with a flat tip and a small, semi-circular chunk taken out of the top and bottom of each cover. Its border is bright red, and its covers are dominated by an abstract, white symbol with a black outline and a black circle in the center.

A "curse" is some type of supernatural misfortune or detriment. A "manual" is a book or booklet containing instructions on operating something or performing and action.


The Cursed Manuel's ground combo begins with a simple outward slam, followed by an outward slapping with the book. Following said slap, Zexion throws the book in front of him, and it opens on the ground. It grows to a considerable size and, facing up, the pages snap shut. The combo finishes when Zexion throws the book in front of him, and as it hovers in front of him, pages open, some sort of a force is expelled a short distance from the book, doing damage to enemies.

Its aerial combo begins as a simple thrust downward followed by an uppercut. It finishes when Zexion throws the book in front of him, it spinning out toward the target before returning to his hands.

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