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The Cryolite Shield (クレオライトシールド Kureoraito Shīrudo?) is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Cryolite+ and Cryolite++. The Cryolite Shield has the same physical appearance as the Diamond Shield, except that it is pink instead of blue.


The Cryolite Shield is shaped like a diamond with concave edges. This diamond has four small, diamond-shaped gaps in its center. Its inner edges are blue while its outer edges are a very light blue color. Each of the sides sports a large spike shaped like one of the spikes on the Nobody symbol, and another, enormous one sprouts out of the top corner of the shield. All five of these spikes have the same coloration; white in the center with magenta edges.

Cryolite is a white natural fluoride of aluminum and sodium. It's nearly invisible in water, in powdered form, and is used chiefly in the electric recovery of aluminum. Cryolite is found mainly in Ivittuut, Greenland, and in small deposits in Spain and Colorado, United States. It once had a great deposit in Ivittuut, Greenland, but the mine ran out in 1987. The town is now abandoned.


Cryolite Shield's ground combo begins with an upward thrust, throwing the shield out of his hands. When it returns to him, he follows with a sharp jab to the left, and finishes by thrusting his shield in front of him.

Its aerial combo begins with a sharp upward slash, and finishes with a 180 degree spin move, coming to rest in front of Vexen.

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