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The Crown of Guilt is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Crown of Guilt+ and Crown of Guilt++. It is a very Magic-oriented Keyblade, based on all of its Magic-boosting Abilities and enormous boost to the "Magic" stat. However, in contrast to its incredible boost in Magic strength, the Crown of Guilt and its other variations provide no extra defense, but supplies a mediocre amount of Strength.


The Crown of Guilt has a short, white handle and a diamond-shaped, black guard. The top of the guard is decorated by two magenta teardrop-shapes. The tip and base of the shaft are white, while the center is purple. It is lined by three diamond-shaped gaps and black, concave edges.

The head of the blade is silver, and the teeth are comprised of three large, magenta, teardrop-shaped spikes with black edges. The Keychain token resembles the teeth, and is comprised of three small, teardrop-shaped spikes that are magenta with black edges. Purple and yellow flowers and yellow stars are emitted when the blade strikes.

"Crown of Guilt" can refer to the Christian beliefs of not sinning, the fact that if one does, a crown that will forever bestow them lies on their head, filled with guilt.


The basic ground combo consists of three hits, with an optional Y-Combo adding a fourth hit. The first strike is a quick, upward vertical slash which is then followed by a slower horizontal slash. The third strike performs a dashing backflip slash that bumps the enemy into the air. If the Y-Combo is initiated, Roxas or Xion will do a short hop and make a 360° slash in the air, reminiscent of an Aerial Sweep. Having a Block panel equipped with the ability Combo-Block active may make it more difficult to use the fourth attack, as Y also executes the Block ability. If this is the case, one must make sure to have the directional pad pressed in any direction to use the combo.

The aerial combo consists of three hits. The first strike is an upward diagonal slash and this is followed by a dashing backflip slash. After a slight rebound upon contact, the third strike leads Roxas or Xion forward into a powerful downward slash that serves to spike the enemy toward the ground.


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