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The Crescendo, translated as Loudmouth in 358/2 Days and Union χ, is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts χ.


Based on the design of an old-fashioned vehicle horn, the round, black body of the Crescendo resembles a squeeze bulb, while its golden mouth resembles the bell of an instrumental horn. The Heartless's black head and antenna resembles a musical note, notably a quaver or an eighth note. A red collar separates the head and body. Two yellow eyes can be seen on its face, and it seems to be wearing earmuffs on its head, which are light and dark blue in color. The Heartless emblem can be seen clearly on the front of its body.

The colors of the Crescendo become brighter in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Its body and head are now blue, the mouth-bell is now red, the collar is now a light blue, and the earmuffs are yellow and orange in color.

Musically, a crescendo is a gradual increase in volume.


These Heartless can be both a pain and a gain. They have little strength, but their sounds can call in reinforcements. Their sounds can also heal nearby Heartless, but by using the Reaction Command, Heal Stomp, the Crescendo's healing sounds are directed towards Sora and friends instead. Just pummel them with physical attacks and it will soon fall.

Stats & Abilities

  • Healing Trumpet: Heal Heartless' HP
  • Trumpet Strike: Pounce and trumpet swing
  • Trumpet Summon: Summon Heartless
  • Areo: Casts an areo spell at its opponents, which air-tosses them.



  1. The Crescendo drops (5) HP Ball x 5 when Heal Stomp is performed.