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The Creepworm is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


A Creepworm is a small, insect-like Heartless with a bulky, lilac-colored, hexagonal body. It has six short, black, spiked legs on its underside, three on either side of its body. Its face is black with a light grey area surrounding it, and sports a jagged mouth, two glowing yellow eyes, and two bent antennae, one over each eye. Its rear is black and there is a thick, zig-zagging stripe on either side of its body that is a darker shade of lilac than the rest. Its Heartless emblem is on its back.

"Creep" may refer to a method of movement that involves using the abdomen to crawl close to the ground. This leads into the other half of the Heartless's name, as worms use this form of movement. Alternatively, "worm" could simply refer to the Creepworm's small size, relative harmlessness, and lack of power. "Creep" could refer to a frightening or unnerving person or situation, relating to the only world the Heartless appears in, Halloween Town.


They appear as small silver bugs, but will not attack Roxas. Their sole action is to scamper away from him, yet they release a large quantity of Heart Points if defeated. A single attack should be powerful enough to destroy the Creepworm, making this Heartless even weaker than the Shadow.

Stats & Abilities