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The weakest of the Nobodies. It takes on various shapes, making it difficult to read its next move.

When it is paired with Dusk, use Reversal to stop its movements before attacking.

The Creeper is the weakest of all Nobodies. They can change their shape into various forms, including a shield, spear, mask and sword. They tend to appear in high numbers, and usually accompany Dusks. When they first appear they don't have the head point or front legs, and are hard to discern whether they have a definite shape. Instead, they copy Dragoons by curling up into a ball shape and disappearing, then coming down on top of you and giving you damage. Some people believe they are controlled by Zexion, but as Zexion was killed in Chain of Memories, they can't be controlled by him - it is probable, instead, as they are weaker Nobodys, that it does not take any special knowledge to control them on any Organization member's part. They are known to come in large groups in The World That Never Was. Being the weakest Nobody, it's possible that it is the remnants of those that have become a Shadow or Bit Sniper.

The Creeper's anatomy gives it an awkward mode of mobility. It's arms are considerably longer than its legs, and its "Hands" are flat and blunt, more like feet. As it moves, it swings its true feet in the air. Its head slightly resembles Zexion's in the fact that it apears to have "hair" that goes over its would be eye, as Zexion. It appears to be wearing a baggy acrobat suit.

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