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#REDIRECT [[List of Heartless#Common Heartless]]
|game1=Kingdom Hearts II
|type=Gummi Heartless
|Borb=Medal Orb x 24<br>HP Orb x 12
|treasure='''Floating Island'''<br>4 [[Mini-Propeller-G]], 3 [[Propeller-G]], 3 [[Neon Orb-G]], 4 [[Neon Bar-G]], 2 [[Mini-Propeller-G]], [[Large Rotor-G]], [[Rotor-G]], 2 [[Propeller-G]], [[Screw Propeller-G]]<br>
|mission=[[Floating Island]]
A '''Crawler''' is a gigantic [[Heartless]] that only appears in the [[Floating Island]] [[Gummi Missions]] in ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]'' and ''[[Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix]]''. It has a limited attack, but extremely high hit points. Defeating one requires you to shoot and destroy each of its four legs, making it collapse and explode, granting a reward. Unlike many of the Gummi enemies, there is only one color variety of this Heartless.
A normal Crawler is a gigantic, apparently mechanical Heartless with a body structure reminiscent of that of a tortoise. It has a large, roughly conical body. Its body is predominantly light green with dark green highlights. It has two turquoise crests on either side of the top of its body.
Its four conical legs attach to the lower half of its main body. All four legs are dark green with jagged, red highlights that end in yellow-green spikes. Its head is relatively small and is dark green with a jagged, light green lower jaw. Its glowing yellow eyes are encased in a translucent dome on the top of the Crawler's head. The top of this dome sports a dark green antenna with a curled tip, and the Heartless emblem is on its chin.
The Crawler's name references its method of locomotion; it walks very close to the ground, appearing to crawl.
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