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Corona (クラウニング Kurauningu?, lit. "Crowning") is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Corona+.


A Corona Chakram's main wheel is actually comprised of eight protrusions of alternating small and large sizes. The four smaller protrusions are roughly square-shaped and are red with a black outline.

The four larger protrusions are similar in shape to the ones found on Sizzling Edge and resemble squared-off arrowheads. These too are red with black outlines. The handle is a light blue cross that attaches to the four larger protrusions.

A "corona" is a sort of "atmosphere" of plasma surrounding the sun and other heavenly bodies.


The Corona Chakrams are great weapons for long-range and aerial combat. The ground combo is very long and can end in multiple ways. Axel first will make two basic strikes with his Chakrams; he then will have the chance to execute a Y-Combo.

If he does not, the combo will end with a long-range forward toss of his Chakrams after a short pause. If the player does execute the Y-Combo, Axel will swing his Chakrams upward in an uppercut-like fashion.

He then shall be presented with another chance for a Y-Combo. If the player does not take this, the combo will end. If the player does execute this additional Y-Combo, Axel shall leap into the air and throw his Chakrams down to the ground.

The aerial combo is much simpler: it is just one attack, in which Axel throws his Chakrams to the ground.

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