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Contrivance is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Contrivance+.


Contrivance has a circular shape with wide, curved protrusions on each of its sides, a pentagonal spike on its top, and a longer pentagonal spike at the bottom. The two spikes are white, and there is a white octagon in the middle of the shield, surrounded two curved, magenta shapes on the sides. The two side protrusions are dark purple All of these colored sections are separated by very dark blue borders, and the edges of the shield are black too, aside from the edges of the side protrusions, which are silver. It is a palette swap of Empiricism.

Contrivance is the act of contriving something, as a mechanical device or a clever plan.


Contrivance's ground combo begins as a jab forward. From there, a Y-Combo is prompted, and a sharp uppercut can be executed. From the uppercut, another Y-Combo can be executed, causing Vexen to poise his shield above him, them slam it underneath him. If the normal combo is continued, it finishes there with an outward thrust, Vexen's shield flying from his hands and coming to rest a good distance away.

Its aerial combo begins as a simple upward thrust, followed by another upward thrust, and finished with Vexen poising his shield above his head and bringing it down underneath him.

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