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Cold Blood is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Cold Blood+.


The Cold Blood shield is comprised of four teardrop-shaped pieces. The top and side pieces are blue with blue-white edges and a thin, sky blue line separating the two colors.

The bottom piece is a bit larger and more angular than the other pieces, but it shares the same coloration. All of the pieces are held together by a blue-white ring with four spikes along the outer edge and a black inner edge. There is also a small, sky blue diamond in the middle of the shield. Other than its color, it is identical to Deep Freeze.

The name "Cold Blood" is a reference to cold-blooded animals, fitting Vexen's temperament.


Cold Blood's combo begins with a jab forward, followed by an identical jab forward. It finishes when Vexen poises the shield behind him, then hurls it in front of him, it going a good distance away before flying back into his hands.

Its aerial combo begins with a small jab to the left, then a 360 degree spin of the shield around Vexen. This move can be repeated, and upon its execution, a Y-Combo is prompted. Upon initiation, Vexen will poise his shield above him, them bring it striking down below him before it goes flying back into his hands.

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