This article is about Hollow Bastion defense system. You may be looking for the weapon type wielded by Saïx.

Claymores are Radiant Garden's defensive system, installed presumably by Cid. They aid the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee in battle by eliminating enemies that may have infiltrated the town. The Claymores can no longer assist Sora in battle after he travels beyond the Castle Gate area.


Kingdom Hearts II

The Claymore is first seen during Sora, Donald, and Goofy's first visit to Hollow Bastion. Yuffie explains it as the town's defense mechanism and it was possibly created by Cid. It disposes of small and weaker heartless, and it distracts the stronger ones until a Committee Member finishes it off.

During the third visit to Hollow Bastion, the MCP takes control of the Hollow Bastion OS which includes the Heartless Manufactory and the town's defense system and changes the Claymore's programming, directing them to attack Sora instead.


Claymores make a small appearances in the Kingdom Hearts II manga, in which a Claymore sends Demyx flying from its blast, encouraging the other members of Organization XIII to retreat.

Physical appearance

Claymores are spheres of light that appear from the ground. After forming a circle beneath the target, the sphere is launched up to inflict damage, similar to a device in the Thirteenth Floor and First Basement of Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. The damage, though, is very minor as it can only send the target flying into the air at best which makes it a perfect target for Sora's aerial attacks.

When they begin to attack Sora, the Claymores slightly change in appearance and also make a different sound. They still do not deal a lot of damage and are quite easy to dodge. Another slightly different change in the Claymores' appearance occurs once the Master Control Program takes control of the Hollow Bastion OS; during this event, the Claymores appear more orange than before.


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