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Clarabelle Cow is a civilian living on the Timeless River in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. She is one of the citizens working on the building of Disney Castle. She was not aware of the Heartless' attack, and was dumbfounded by the appearance of the Windows of Time and Pete chasing Pete. She is likely still alive somewhere in Disney Castle or in Disney Town, although she is never encountered during any other point the storyline.

Physical Appearance

Clarabelle Cow is, as her name suggests, an anthropomorphized cow with black skin, white, hooved feet, a white mouth, and two small, white horns on the top of her head. Her eyes are large and close-set, and she only has two flat teeth visible in her upper jaw, somewhat like Goofy. She has long eyelashes and long, floppy ears. She only has four fingers on each hand, and wears white gloves common to many older Disney characters.

She also has a long, black tail that is ruffled slightly at the tip. Clarabelle wears a long, white skirt with a black, undulating pattern near the bottom. She also wears a white cow bell around her neck.


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Clarabelle first appeared as a farm cow named Carolyn Cow in the 1929 Disney cartoon The Plowboy. She appeared as Carolyn in a few more Disney Cartoons until the 1930 comic strip storyline Mickey Mouse in Death Valley and the cartoon short The Shindig in which she was changed into an anthropomorphized being named Clarabelle Cow.

Clarabelle was the best friend of Minnie Mouse and was usually depicted as the girlfriend of Horace Horsecollar although she was occasionally paired with Goofy.