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Clair de Lune is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Clair de Lune+.


This type of Knife has a short, navy blue handle. The main shaft of the blade is long, thin, and ends in an arrowhead-like tip. Two crescent-shaped side blade are attached to the main blade. The base of the blade is sky blue and the tips are yellow, and the two colors blend together at the middle, forming green. The edges of the blade are black.

A Clair de Lune Knife has an identical design to a Soleil Couchant Knife, save for their different color schemes.


Clair de Lune's ground combo is rather long, consisting of five moves in total. It begins with a low, circular sweep, followed by another low, circular sweep, followed by another low, circular sweep. While low, circular sweeping, the combo can be branched at any time with a Y-Combo, in which Larxene jumps in the air and throws her knives down upon the target. If the combo is continued normally, Larxene will jump and spin vertically, knives brandished, then finish the combo with a jump in the air, throwing her knives down upon the target.

The aerial combo is much shorter. It begins with a simple swipe to the left, followed by a downward slash with both sets of knives. After these two moves, the combo can be branched off into another Y-Combo, in which Larxene rains her knives down upon the target, identical to the Y-Combo in the ground combo. The normal combo finishes with a mid-air roll and downward slash.

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