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This article is about the D-Link. You may be looking for the character.

Cinderella is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix that is usable by Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. It is obtained after clearing the Castle of Dreams.


DL Cinderella

Cinderella's D-Link command deck is composed of light-based commands. While in D-Linked with Cinderella, the characters can lift enemies up into the air with magic and temporarily immobilize them. They can also make a powerful vortex to blow away their enemies. A healing command is also added in the deck, eliminating the need to revert the link for healing.


Level 0

DL CinderellaAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1 DL CinderellaAutoRecovery

DL CinderellaAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Wish Shot, Wish Circle, Enchanted Step, Wish Circle, Enchanted Step, Magic Mending
  • Dream Sparkle

Level 2 DL CinderellaRegena

DL CinderellaAvatar2
Command Deck
  • Wish Shot, Wish Circle, Enchanted Step, Wish Shot, Wish Circle, Enchanted Step, Magic Mending, Magic Mending

Exclusive Commands

Cinderella D-Link KHBBS

Ventus using Dream Sparkle.

Magic Mending

The Magic Mending (フェアリーヒール Fearī Hīru?, lit. "Fairy Heal") command is another name for the Group Cura command. It restores a large portion of HP.

Wish Circle

The Wish Circle (ウィッシュサークル Wisshu Sākuru?) command is similar to Aqua's Finish and the Wishing Edge command. The Wish Circle command charges up for a short period of time before spinning around three times, knocking enemies back. The character is vulnerable during the charging period and with each spin the radius becomes smaller but the attack moves up.

Enchanted Step

The Enchanted Step (フェアリーステップ Fearī Suteppu?, lit. "Fairy Step") command is a surge-type command, and is essentially the same as Aqua's Barrier Surge command. The Enchanted step command creates a barrier around the character and charges forward with no special effects.

Wish Shot

The Wish Shot (ウィッシュショット Wisshu Shotto?) command is similar to Fire command, in the way that both of them hone in on enemies. Wish Shot has no special properties.

Dream Sparkle

Dream Sparkle (ドリームスパークル Dorīmu Supākuru?) - The characters fire a homing light magic that raises enemies up into the sky when hit, similar on how Zero Gravity is used. If an enemy that is already hit before got hit again, it will be raised higher. Press B x when the indicator reaches the coach to raise attack power.

Miracle Dance (Aqua) KHBBS

Aqua using Miracle Dance.

Miracle Dance

Miracle Dance (ブレッシングダンス Buresshingu Dansu?, lit. "Blessing Dance") - The finisher is similar to Aqua's Spell Weaver finisher, but the characters stay on the ground. The character spins in place, creating a magic vortex. A circle then appears on the ground and enemies that get near will get hit. The finisher ends with the character shooting a few shots of homing light magic. Enemies that were bit by the vortex will be stunned after the finale and enemies hit by the homing magic will be levitated. If the enemy is hit out of the levitation it will be confused. Press B x when the indicator reaches the coach to raise attack power and keep the attack going longer.

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