Christmas Town
Katakana クリスマスタウン

Romaji Kurisumasu Taun
Game Kingdom Hearts II

World Halloween Town
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Christmas Town is an expanded part of Halloween Town added in Kingdom Hearts II, located through a door in the Hinterlands. Although it is a world of its own story-wise, it is recognized as a part of Halloween Town, as shown under the location title as the player proceeds through the areas.

As a special world, it represents the holiday of Christmas. Once a year, the ruler Santa Claus will travel throughout the universe to give presents to children named on his nice-list.

Oogie Boogie and The Experiment are fought here respectively during the first and second visits to Halloween Town.

In Kingdom Hearts II, the normal and battle music of Christmas Town were the same as Halloween Town. However, in the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix version, Christmas Town gained new pieces: What A Surprise! and Happy Holidays!, respectively. They both were included on the ninth disc of the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete.

Setting and areas

In Kingdom Hearts II, the Hinterlands will take characters to Yuletide Hill, which they can travel down the Candy Cane Lane to reach Christmas Town. In Christmas Town, characters can visit with Santa Claus himself in Santa's House and explore the Shipping & Receiving and Wrapping Rooms of the Toy Factory. Late in the game, characters can also go by Christmas Tree Plaza to fight a boss battle.


Character design

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Sora, Donald and Goofy lose their Halloween Town garb and gain Christmas-themed forms instead. Sora retains his vampire form, but the garb is replaced by a black Santa suit. Unlike Sora, however, Donald and Goofy completely lose all traces of their Halloween Town forms, becoming a snowman and reindeer, respectively.


This world briefly appears in the original film. It functions much the same as it does in Kingdom Hearts II guiding Jack to find a change in holiday spirits. Even the portal functions the same as in the movie.


Type Items Found Locations Notes
Regular Ether Candy Cane Lane
Hi-Potion Candy Cane Lane
Power-Ups AP Boost Santa's House
Synthesis Mythril Stone Candy Cane Lane
Mythril Gem Candy Cane Lane
Maps Christmas Town Map Santa's House

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces Found Locations Notes
Santa's House On top of the dresser.
Yuletide Hill Behind the Halloween Town tree.
Santa's House On the counter top.
Shipping and Receiving Above entrance.
Shipping and Receiving Need LV2 Aerial Dodge or use skateboard.