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[[File:Champion Gear.png]] {{nihongo|'''Champion Gear ⑤'''|ヴァリアントギア|Varianto Gia|lit. "Valiant Gear"}} is a [[gear]] that can be equipped in ''[[Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]]''. It can contain five weapon units, and can also be found as the '''Champion Gear+ ⑤. '''It transforms a weapon into one with high strength and ground combo speed. Champion Gear+ can be purchased from the Moogle Shop.
==='''''Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days'''''===
Champion Gear⑤ can be synthesized for 7800 Munny once [[Roxas]] is promoted to Rookie rank.
*4[[Gear Component C| Gear Component C]]
*2[[Combo Tech+| Combo Tech+]]
*2[[Power Tech+| Power Tech+]]
*2[[Silver| Silver]]

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