Template:InfoBoss Cerberus is a mythical three-headed demon dog that first appeared in Disney's Hercules, as guard dog to the Underworld. Hades used his pet in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.


Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, Cerberus acts as a back-up plan for Hades, if Cloud, whom Hades promised to help find Sephiroth for him, fails his task of eliminating Hercules and Sora.

When Sora and Cloud's battle comes to an end (regardless of who wins), Hades sees that Cloud is no longer of any use to him, and sends Cerberus in. Cerberus manages to pin Cloud to the ground when his back is turned, and is about to attack the others, but is held off by Hercules, allowing Phil, Sora, Donald and Goofy to escape.

Cerberus has Hercules, who is carrying Cloud, trapped, but Sora comes to help, returning the favor and allowing Hercules to escape. Sora manages to defeat Cerberus, and his efforts reward him the status of "Junior Heroes". However, as Sora leaves, Hercules mentions to Phil that he had already worn Cerberus down by the time Sora intervened.

Cerberus can be fought again in full power at the Hades Cup, having four health bars instead of two (thus proving the fact that Herculese had worn him down).

Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, as Sora and Auron are escaping from the Underworld, Hades sends Cerberus to stop them. Donald and Goofy escape as Auron fights off the creature. Sora returns to aid him, but ends up separated from Donald and Goofy, leaving him and Auron to fight the dog by themselves. The two then manage to get away, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy make faces at Cerberus as the doors close, keeping the monster from attacking them anymore. Cerberus has his own cup in the Underworld, being the final opponent of the Cerberus Cup in a timed fight.

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