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The Centurion (センチュリオン Senchurion?) is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Centurion+. It represents Lexaeus and is designed to resemble his Skysplitter.


Centurion is about a meter long, and has a blue handle roughly as long as the blade. The top and bottom of the handle end in spikes resembling those on the Nobody logo. The blade is mostly black with a red edge and several other red patterns decorating it. The top of Centurion's blade curves noticeably and the is flat and fans out. The bottom edge of the blade is serrated. It also sports a strange, square, pale yellow guard on the opposite side of the handle as the blade. This guard is decorated with black lines on the corners and a thin, red "X" on the top side. Considering the size of the blade, this guard may act as a counterweight. The Centurion is almost entirely identical to Lexaeus's Skysplitter Axe Sword, except for the lengths of the handle and blade.

The upgraded Centurion+ is identical to the normal Centurion, albeit with a different color scheme. The red sections of the blade are now red-violet. The top and bottom tips of the handle become pale gold, while the handle itself turns grey. The black sections present on the Centurion turn orange on the Centurion+. Finally, the pale gold guard becomes black on this version of the weapon.


Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

The Power Exceeding Power recipe is dropped by Lexaeus's Absent Silhouette. The Centurion is a rank S synthesis item, and its upgrade is the Centurion+ recipe.

The Power Exceeding Power recipe is dropped by Lexaeus's Absent Silhouette. The Centurion+ is a rank S synthesis item, and is an upgrade of the Centurion recipe.


Donald can equip this as a weapon in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Mission Mode by equipping Pandora's Gear or the Pandora's Gear+. The ground combo consists of a horizontal slash from left to right followed by a vertical downward slash.

The aerial combo is a vertical slash downward followed by a vertical slash upward.

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