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Carrier Ghost
Carrier Ghost
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Japanese Carry Ghost
Kana/Kanji キャリーゴースト
Romaji Kyarī Gōsuto
French Fantôme Porteur
German Trägergeist
Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Carrier Ghost's Gallery
Search Ghost
Grand Ghost
Hover Ghost
Living Pod

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

These large flying Heartless are able to spontaneously appear behind their targets and possess them. Though they behave similarly to Hover Ghosts, physical attacks won't stagger them.
Hearts Lvl
30 26
HP EXP Def Stun
x12.80 x4.35 x2.40
Mission Lvl Rewards
62 32 Aerial Tech+ (30%)
79 32 Aerial Tech++ (25%)
Fire Bliz. Thndr. Aero
x0.90 x1.10 x0.25 x0.24
Ignt. Frze. Jolt Toss
x0.40 x1.10 x0.40 x0.40
Halloween Town



The Carrier Ghost is an Emblem Heartless that can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Physical Appearance

A Carrier Ghost is a large, humanoid creature clad in a faded green coat with black cuffs. It wears white gloves on its large, long-fingered hands, which are not directly connected to the Heartless's body and can be "thrown" at enemies. A few holes in this coat expose the creature's ribcage. Its Heartless emblem is printed on the front of its coat. The Carrier Ghost's black, spherical head sports a jagged mouth and two yellow eyes with black spirals in them. Its right eye hangs down from its socket, attached to its head by a silver chain. It can generate spotlights from its eyes, suggesting that they may be mechanical in some fashion. The Carrier Ghost's lower body is a simple, white, ghostly tail.


If this Heartless possesses Roxas, it will drain most to all of his HP, so just like when battling the Hover Ghost, it's best to continuously jump and hit it. Be careful though, for the more damage forced on it, the higher it floats, making the break from its location to the ground large, also making an opportunity for possessing you.

However, when it possesses you, continuously pressing A Button- Nintendo DS or ButtonB may release Roxas from its grip. The player should also take note of the claw-attack the Carrier Ghost uses when at close range. One simple Dodge Roll can escape this tactic. A good panel to have equipped in this battle is the Auto-Life panel.

If you manage to get behind the Carrier Ghost before it sees you, you can continuously hit it without it even acknowledging your presence, allowing you to defeat it with no trouble.


The Carrier Ghost's name reflects its ability to lift its opponent and drain its life, as well as its resemblance to a stereotypical ghost.

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